Rental Services

For Tenants:

I take great  pride and joy in journeying with my Tenants to help them find a home that suits all their needs. Whether it would be a serene house along a quiet street, or a cozy little hideaway in a condominium that meets all their wants. I am sure to find my clients what they are looking for. Using methods I have honed over time in this field, I am almost certain of finding you a home you will love. I also ensure that my tenants needs are catered to during the course of their tenancy, and as such, my tenants remain my clients for as long as they are in Singapore. 

So don’t hesitate and give me a call, lets have a chat and find out how I can help you find that house you can call home.

For Landlords:

Ever wonder how agents market your property? Well most of them all use one method and one method only, property guru. However, when you choose me, you will be exposed to the market through more targeted and creative means! What do i mean? My online platform generates leads for your property through a special method of search engine optimization. Which means on top of the usual propertyguru/sfx platforms, you will enjoy targeted marketing of your property through niche methods I have developed during my time as an agent. You will also receive round the clock care of both your property and your tenants after contracts have been signed. 

My clients are clients for life, and I would like to invite you to be part of the Family. Have a look at some of my personalized online advertisements below.